Radical Approach

Play Nice

In all things strive to be friendly, constructive and polite, and we'll all get along great.

We want this to be a friendly corner of the web where you can share your characters, organise some games, chat with friends and roll some dice.


Don't write things that are abusive, hateful or racist. Be nice - no defamatory remarks, bullying or personal attacks. Avoid rude words and explicit content.


Be understanding and help out your fellow gamers and so help us build a community we can all be proud of.

Remember that not everyone speak English as their first language, and players come from all over the world.

Don't start flame wars and refrain personal attacks. This is a place for playing games - not for promoting or attacking politics, religion or any other pet agendas.

Tell us Your Troubles

If anyone is behaving badly let us know by using the Radical Approach Contact Form.